Flourish Diaper Boutique was formed to fill a gap in the cloth diaper industry. After having such a hard time going between wanting Natural fabrics for my baby, yet also wanting ease of use and great leak protection that some man-made fabrics offered. My internal battle was real! I flopped between many types of diapers and spent way more than planned trying to find the “Perfect” combo of SAFE, Effective and Comfortable cloth diapers.  Well, I never did…. I just dealt with it. 

   After my youngest was almost fully potty trained, I had a moment of clarity, I would mesh the two worlds of natural and man-made ingenuity to create an amazing, parent friendly and most of all baby friendly cloth diaper. Over a year of meticulous research, trials and dozens of creative designs later, I have finally landed on my finished product. I stand behind every inch of this diaper and know you will love it too! 

   Every piece of fabric down to the thread has been thoroughly researched and tested. I try my very best to source exclusively from the USA, but some items are from other fair labor countries due to them being of higher quality; I will not waiver on my strict quality standards. 

   Please feel free to email me with any questions, I’m also happy to schedule a phone call or a video chat to help you on your diaper journey! 


(YouTube Videos coming soon!)




                                      -Laura Barnett, Owner/Designer

                                                    Flourish Diaper Boutique, LLC