Care Guide

Step 1: Poo     - Breast milk only, washer friendly no rinsing required

                      -Breast/formula combo, rinse solids in toilet  

                      -Formula fed, rinse solids in toilet

                      -Breast/Food combo, rinse solids in toilet.  


Step 2: Keep covers in a dry bag until wash time. Soakers can be in a wet solution if chosen, but for ease of use just store the entire diaper in a dry bag till ready to wash.


Step 3: Wash      - Start with a Cloth diaper approved Detergent (Highly recommend Biokleen Powder)

                          -Set machine to pre-rinse (some machines this is programed in Heavy setting already)

                          -Wash Flourish diapers on a warm to hot, Heavy or Bedding cycle, 110-130 degrees (For best results check water temperature with food thermometer)


Step 4: Dry    - Medium heat (once covers are removed can kick up to high or just leave it be)

                    - Remove covers promptly for extra longevity

                    - Soakers will dry faster than most, thanks to the tri fold design


   Every couple months:

    I recommend putting Soaker Pads in the sink with ¼ cup of baking soda, 10-15 drops Tea Tree essential oil and a big pot of boiling water to soak for a few hours. May add covers after water becomes “touchable” as not to disturb the heat sealed seam bonds. This helps remove any type of buildup from water or detergent. Can also add a cup of vinegar as well for heavy water buildup.