Diaper Questions:

Are Flourish diapers leak proof?  Yes! 100%! There’s a hidden layer of PUL in the core of all my diapers.
Are the soakers stay-dry?  Stay-dry is usually referring to a man-made wicking fabric that requires compression from the babies bum to work. Flourish soakers are 100% natural fibers, yet act even better than a stay-dry liner due to the hidden hemp layer on the reverse of the soaker that traps the wetness deep in the core without the need of compression, keeping moisture away from your sprouts bum!

Do they leave red marks?  I loathe red marks! And everyone who says “they are normal and ok” I know dang well if my panties are leaving deep red marks that itch and feel yucky I’m not wearing them! Neither should your baby. I made sure to hide snaps and chose fabrics wisely; including the amazing elastic that’s made in the USA!


Why is the outer edged just serged?  After trying multiple types of seams, I figured out that the more you fold the fabric over to have a hidden seam, the more bulk it adds. So, while it may look nice to have hidden seams it adds unnecessary bulk to babies legs, back and tummy area. Flourish stitching around the outer diaper is a polyester wooly thread. Meaning it wont wick moisture and is softer than cotton. Also, this thread is Not the wooly nylon thread that most are familiar with. Nylon has strength issues when heated so I would never use that in a diaper that is put in the dryer.


Will my nanny/grandparents be able to use them?  Oh yes! My hubby had such a hard time with all the types of rise snaps and 15+ snaps every diaper seems to have. I literally put nail polish on some diapers for him to know where to snap. It was hilarious for me and maddening for him. Flourish diapers have his approval for ease of use. Even the soaker was designed for “oopsie proof” since my hubby always had other types backwards or inside out.  So yes, these are made for those who haven’t spent weeks researching diapers like us mommas do.


Are they daycare approved?  Many child care centers will take cloth diapers as long as you can just snap them on and go. Meaning, no special stuffing or prepping. Thankfully Flourish diapers are considered an all-in-one for centers, since you just lay the soaker in the diaper before leaving with the caregiver. They can use just like a disposable and toss in your drybag that you leave them.


How hard is it to get the poo off?  SO Easy! I recommend a sprayer (I preferred the sink attached ones) Most poo will stay on the soaker thanks to that awesome texture the velour has making it so easy to spray or shake off in the toilet. Also, since the soaker has an anchor stitch in the back holding the tri-fold together it stays in its form so you won’t have a wet floppy mess.


Do the seams wick through?  Thankfully NO! and yes, I tested the heck out of it with sopping wet cloth and weights! The outer Organic cotton layer is completely separate of the inner PUL and wicking layer where the elastics reside. All seams where sealed with PUL after sewing the elastic, just like in winter weather clothes or waterproof tents.


Shipping Questions:

How long does it take to ship out?  I try my very best to get it out the same day if orders are placed before 2pm (pacific time). I say 1 business day from time of order and if ever there was going to be a small delay due to weather or some extraordinary circumstance, I would contact you right away.


Can I return a diaper?  Of course! If for any reason your unhappy with your Flourish Diaper purchase please contact me at FlourishDiaperBoutique@gmail.com and I will make it right. My return window is 3 business days from time of delivery. Meaning, contact me within that time to request a return or exchange, then you will have another 3 business days to have it postmarked on its way to me. Any returned diapers get saved and donated along with any of my diapers that may have not met my standard for selling but are still usable. Im very proactive in keeping waste out of landfills.


Do you ship Internationally? Yes! My server Shopify is amazing at making it simple to do so.


Do you ever do shows where I can just pick them up? I am doing quite a few expo events here in the pacific Northwest of America. I will post updates about that on my website so, make sure to subscribe to emails.